Adobo Road Cookbook Signing at Savor Filipino in San Francisco
Hello Filipino Food lovers! On Saturday August 30, 2014 I’ll be signing copies of The Adobo Road Filipino Cookbook at the inaugural Savor Filipino event in San Francisco at Justin Herman Plaza. Savor Filipino was founded by The Filipino Food
Hatch Chile & Mango Empanadas
Grown in the Hatch valley of southern New Mexico, Hatch Chiles have a short growing season spanning from August and into September. During these few weeks of late summer and early fall, New Mexicans go crazy for the green capsicums—buying up bags,
Dinengdeng: Filipino Vegetable Soup with Manila Clams
Dinengdeng is a hearty vegetable soup from the Ilocos region of the Northern Philippines. Though simple in ingredients and preparation, this soup with a funny name can be a very complex and flavorful dish. With a broth seasoned with Bagoong
Ginataang Lobster: Coconut Oil-Poached Lobster Tails in Sous-vide, with Coconut Milk and Lobster Head Sauce
Like the Filipino term “adobo,” the word “guinataan” (also spelled “ginataan”) refers to a method of cooking rather than a singular dish. Where adobo requires cooking something (fruit, vegetable, protein) in a mixture of salt
Campari Calamansi and TANG Sorbet
What if I told you that you could make a cool and refreshing dessert with just three ingredients? “Sounds awesome. What are the 3 ingredients?” you’d probably ask. Well, the first is Campari. It’s the Italian aperitif that gives a Negroni
The Bicol Daiquiri: Rum, Calamansi Lime Juice, Coconut Water & Coconut Sugar Simple Syrup
A classic Daiquiri, when made with nothing more than rum, fresh lime juice, and sugar, is a thing of beauty.  Given a vigorous shake with ice (please, no blenders), these three simple ingredients can combine into a frothy, refreshing cocktail that
Salisbury Bistek: Filipino-style Salisbury Steak with Calamansi and Onion Gravy
Growing up with parents that worked odd hours, my brothers and I were often left to fend for ourselves when it came to dinner time.  Which, more often than not, meant that we raided the freezer for its bounty of frozen TV dinners. Although my
Filipino-Style Chicken & Waffles: Sous-vide Coconut Milk Fried Chicken with Coconut Milk and Macapuno Waffles
When developing recipes for this blog, every now and then a dish, a technique, or even a single ingredient can sometimes set off a chain reaction of new ideas and new dishes to create down the line. Take for instance, my stretch run of blog posts